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Services and Information

Featured Services

  Onsite House Calls for Business and Residential, Internet Service referrals, FREE Evaluations, FREE Estimates, Discreet Data Recoveries, Networking Services (home or office), System Optimizations, Tutoring Services, Retail Store (now six years) featuring wholesale prices, Buy/Sell/Trade & Consignments, and… Spanish Windows en Espanol! Our Discernment is Beneficial.

Electronic Repairs - "Certified and Experienced"

  On-site electronics technician available to repair your motherboards, LCD monitors, laptops, hard-to-find parts, power supplies repaired, electronics and installations. Limited 30-day maintenance warranties on PC repairs. Technicians are: A+ Computer Certified,  Networking Certified, and Certified Computer Technician. Android smartphone and tablet repair. Smartphone parts replacements and peripherals. Rooting, superuser status, and Android firmware upgrades. Cracked screen? Ordered and replaced in no time!
*Over 37 years Experience in ELECTRONIC REPAIRS*

Data Recovery Services

  In most cases, Discerner Computers can recover your data. Hard Drives, Solid State, and other Data Storage Devices. Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, External Storage Devices, sdcards, are all subject to data issues crashes, or complications. Need bootloader unlocked? We might can help. Rom or Ram runnng slow? We can speed you up. Need to obtain Root or Super User Status? We can help. If no data, then no fee!

Hackers and Virus Removals

  Skilled in PC Security and Eliminating Backdoors, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, and Malware!  Windows Registry Reconfiguration. WE even do On-Site House Calls!

Networking and Networking Security

  Have a professional business, home situation, or even industrial enviornment, that needs to be networked? Discerner Computers can help you with all of your networking needs! We run Cat 5 cable, Cat 2 phone cable, routers, hubs, custom junction hubs, virtual private network setups, wireless routers, hotspot bases, and can make specific length cables! We can secure your network with hardware and software firewalls! Neat and Professional Quality Networking. Call Discerner Computers today for estimates reguarding your networking needs!

New and Used Parts - (Up to 30 Day Warranty)

  Large Variety and Selection of in-stock new and used:  Laptop and Computer Parts, LCD & CRT Monitors, Laptops, Towers, Systems, Printers, Electronics Parts, DVD Burners, TV Tuner Cards, and so much MORE! Outdated dialup parts and accessories. We have many different parts from several generations of computer systems and manufacturors: Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Alienware, Intel, Lenovo, Hitachi, Panasonic, Gateway, Western Digital, Fijitsu, Daewoo,

Software Services

  Windows Re-Installed, Tune-ups, Windows Tweaked, CD Replacement/Backup Service (lost your CD?), Software Installs (can’t afford a program?), Windows Crashes Fixed, Audio to CD Service, VHS to DVD Service, VCD to DVDs, CDs, DVDs Duplicated and Photo-to-Video Services.  Any and all device drivers and software found!  Program installation and activation. Retro and up-to-date software repair or installations. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10; (All Versions of Windows or Windows Server!) Apple, Linux, and Unix Installations. We do Websites and Web hosting. Specialty Professional Websites for Business or Personal, upon private conference advisement.

We Do Special Orders

  NEW or Custom Computer Systems (even Modifications too).  SPECIAL ORDERS: Computer and Electronics Parts, Custom Cables, Computer Hardware, Motherboards, Laptop Parts, Hard-To-Find, Refurbished Equipment, and Obsolete Items. High Speed Internet Services. Custom Game Systems and Special Game System Parts. Many Special Services ask us your request.

We Offer Internet Service

  We will refer you to a free nationwide wireless unlimited cell phone internet service at a one-time software fee of $49 plus $30 install/setup. Only valid for Smartphones (Androids or Blackberrys).

Other Services

  • Recycling Services
  • Electronics Lab: Electronics Repaired and Replaced
  • Accepting: Master Card, Visa, and Discover
  • New Store Location in Downtown Morganton, NC
  • Same Day Service Available
  • Cell Phone Repair and Parts Replacement
  • Most first hour Windows fixes are $40.00
  • We give YAHOVA "All" the glory for our business

Total Solution Provider

  Whether you are a business or home user, we offer on-site services such as networking, internet setups, discreet data recovery, new installs, virus cleanings, and any other kind of repairs you can throw at us. No job too small or too big; we even serve the little man. We can save you money!

  At Discerner Computers, we believe that a fast quality computer makes a happy customer. Discerner Computers is a locally-owned and operated business serving you since 1977. We provide a 100% variety of laptop and computer services. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to answer any of your questions. From data recovery to website hosting, and everything in between.

  We build, repair, and customize all computers, including laptops!  Let us maintain and service ALL your Laptop and Computer needs. We offer hard to find and special order parts. Discerner Computers stands proudly behind all the work that we do with pride. We repair and obtain replacement parts for most manufacturors: Dell, HP, Gateway, Alienware, Toshiba, Sony, Hitachi, IBM, Lenovo, and many, many more! We look forward to meeting all your needs and demands.

  We have a strong faith and value system and as always, we'll look out for your best interests treating everyone with the same respect. Whether it’s business, home, or mobile, we at Discerner Computers have your solution. We can custom build you a gaming computer or build your business a large wired or wireless network. We have systems of all kinds and brands. We also have laptops, printers, scanners, monitors, software and a wide variety of all computer parts new and used.  We make all of your one-stop computer-shopping dreams come true. People want service. Experience the Foothills Community "hometown" difference, locally!

Our Mission Statement

TO DELIVER: Personality, Genuineness, and Entertainment

  Our customers are given our personality and not treated as just prospects in need of information of education, variety and frequency. Other computer repair shops simply do not have the know-how to inject personality into their follow-ups.

  We understand what our customers want without asking for it directly, and, we provide it!  We give our customers what they want, and, what they want is for us to be "real" with them. We give them facts and info straight up in a helpful and sincere manner. Our customers don't get corporate dribble. They get "the real" US!

  When we give our customers what they want and when combined with what they need, it is something blessed from above; it is something spectacular, even entertaining. We downright converse freely with our prospects and customers to help them with the things they need, and to non-pressurely offer them the products and services that we provide making their life easier, better, more successful.