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About Discerner Computers

  Computer Repair Services

   Burke County, NC Onsite House Calls with GURU 2 GO for Business and Residential, Internet Service Referrals, FREE Evaluations, FREE estimates, Discreet Data Recoveries, Networking Services for Home, Office, Industrial, and Commercial. System Optimizations, Computer Upgrades, Retail Store.
  Software installations, virus removal, repairs, and upgrades. Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac. Technicians are A plus Computer Certified, Networking Certified. We are located in Downtown, Morganton, NC.

  • Over 40 years Experience in ELECTRONIC REPAIRS
  • Discerner Computers can recover your data. "most cases"
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Networking Services
  • Computer Software installation, repair, and configuration
  • Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Electronic Repairs and Upgrades
  • Custom built computers and servers for business or personal
  • Website Design Services for businesses, individuals, and more
  • Custom Built Gaming Computers and Servers, Repairs and Upgrades
  • Honest, Timely, and Quality Services! Discerner Computers is your Trusted Choice for Computer Services.

  Our downtown computer shop is located on the side of the "Service Cell" building, (Suite: B) in Morganton, NC. Discerner Computers® Morganton, North Carolina. Experienced computer and electronics technician for over 40 years! Education background in networking, electronics, computers, software, and a whole lot of customer service!

  Whether you are a business or home user, we offer on-site services such as networking, internet setups, discreet data recovery, new installs, virus cleanings, anything electronic repaired, LCD Monitors, TV's, cellphones, and any other kind of repairs you can throw at us. No job too small or too big. We can save you money!

  Parts replacements and parts repair for computers, tablets, cellphones, and other electronic devices.
On-site electronics technician available to repair your motherboards, LCD monitors, laptops, hard-to-find parts, power supplies repaired, electronics and installations. Computer repair services. Limited 30-day maintenance warranties on PC repairs .

  We offer all kinds of specialty secvices dealing with electronics, computers, and more. Electronics soldering, fabrications, and re-wiring. On-site service calls for those bigger projects. Whatever the task, if it is in our field of work, we can assist you in getting it repaired, upgraded, or replaced.

  At Discerner Computers, we believe that a fast quality computer makes a happy customer. Discerner Computers is a locally-owned and operated business serving you since 1977. We provide a 100% variety of laptop and computer repair services. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to answer any of your questions. From data recovery to website hosting, and everything in between.

Computer Upgrades

  Before you buy a new computer, scope out the possibility of upgrading your device. Most laptops and desktop units can be upgraded through replacing memory ram, processors, hard drives, SD Drives, power supplies, video cards, mainboards, and even cooling fans. Part replacement upgrading can save you hundreds of dollars and allow your computer to perform a lot faster. Bring your device to Discerner Computers today and discover your upgrade possibilities.


Computer Upgrades

Device upgrading can...

  • Save you from purchasing a new computer
  • Devices execute and render more smoothly
  • Add device value and boost performance
  • Give better gaming experience and visuals

Repair Shop in Morganton

  Discerner Computers is in the side of the Service Cell building located at the tip of North Sterling Street in downtown Morganton North Carolina. The computer repair shop has plenty of parking for our customers convienence. We are within walking distance of other businesses in Morganton. Bring your computer or device today so we can take a look and get it upgraded, repaired, or updated. Quick, professional, and affordable repairs, upgrades, and service.


Computer Repair, Upgrades, and Service

  • Computers, Phones, and Electronic repair
  • Located Downtown Morganton, NC
  • Electronic soldering, wiring, and repair
  • Virus removal, software, and installation
Computer Shop

Reviews from our Customers

  We care for our customers and work hard to meet their needs. Here are some reviews provided by Google. Thank all of you so much! Discerner Computers®.

Gene Gilford

  This man does awesome work took him the parts to build a gaming pc and with out hesitation he gets on it and gets it done. He is very professional and great at what he does. Thank you again for building it for me

K Kappa

  Super friendly and called me back immediately. Checked a power supply for me to see if it was dead from a power surge during a storm. Checked it for free. Highly recommend!!

Christy Shires

  Richard was smart and very helpful! He is very thorough and most of all very kind! I will take all my computers back to him. He knows his profession. Thank you!

Lester Hildebran

  The owner, was very friendly and knowledgeable and I was greeted as if I had been known for years. He was able to diagnose my problem quickly and supply the extra parts that I had ask for. The cost for everything that I had done was reasonable. I don't think that I would ever have a reason for going anywhere else.

Gregory Wood

  My abacus is once again a cutting edge computational device thanks to the expertise of these professionals. It was painfully slow and now it is lightning fast. I would return for any kind of device repair or service. You can trust them.

Keith Deaton

  This is the best computer repair shop that I have found. Most knowledgeable about computers that I have every found. Took my computer and went through it and made it run like a new one. I had some bugs, he found them and removed them for me. From now on all my computer repairs will be done at Discerner Computer & Guru2Go. I highly recommend this Computer Shop and I am going to recommend him to all of my friends. All I can say is I wish I had found him many years ago.

zero spawn

  Richard has been fixing all of my equipment for years from Mac book screens, to data restoration on broken hard drives . This is a one stop shop. He knows his stuff and you will not find more affordable prices anywhere else in the state.

Sara Robertson

  Service was great! Gave a free diagnostic for my computer before he accepted it and found out it was my charger, not my computer. Fixed what was wrong with my charger, fixed it, and sent me on my way. Great service and great experience. I will definitely be back.


Viruses, Malware, and Spyware

  A lot of times customers think that their computer, tablet, or other electronic device is malfunctioning from some kind of damage. This is the problem sometimes, but did you know that a virus, malware, or spyware can be the cause. Here are some issues and facts:

1.) Why does my device keep shutting down?

  Answer: There are multiple reasons this could occur. Hardware could be faulty yes. Battery, yes. Power supply, yes. There could also be a virus embedded in system files. Trying an effective anti-virus application can cure your issue in most cases. Professional repair assistance may be essential if your device won't stay on though, so registry files can be examined, or hard drive removal for an indepth virus scan outside of the device.

2.) My browser keeps displaying inappropriate content; Why?

  Answer: If no one that uses the computer has been seeking the material that is displayed, you may have a virus. The internet is an open sea for viruses, malware, and spyware. Now devices can be infected with a virus from just being on the internet, not necessarily any specific website. Use an effective antivirus program with internet security to protect your computer.

3.) My screen went black and won't display; What happened?

  Answer: This could definitely be a hardware issue with a backlight, ribbon connection, or accidentally turned off in the software. Hardware is not always the problem. A malware or virus will attach to registry files and corrupt normal operations. Trojan viruses can change settings in your device and rewrite system files.

Computer Virus

Computer Virus Removals

  If your device works, but it is not playing by the rules. It is more than likely a virus, malware, or spyware. If you think you are experiencing a virus, contact us today. Free look-overs in our downtown Morganton, NC location. We can save your data in most cases and eliminate that nasty virus, malware, or spyware from further corruption or damage to your device.

  Install a combined software that offers, not only virus protection, but also offers malware, spyware, and internet security protections. The few dollars extra that you spend for a brand name software company provider, may very well be the extra programming protection that is needed to keep a virus out of your device. This is not always the case, but the quality software usually has extra features integrated that gives quality.

  Discerner Computers can make a service call to you with GURU 2 GO. Do you have a device or system, that you just can't break away and move? Here at Discerner Computers, we can make house or service calls to your residence or business location to assist with your hardware, software, or other electronics needs.

Don't hesitate, contact us today!

Virus Removal Services

Repairing is Beneficial

Computer and device repair is very economical. Repairing and upgrading can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Purchasing a new unit can be costly compared to repairing, upgrades, and cleanup; However, sometimes a new unit is necessary. Here at Discerner Computers®, we can help you with all of your computer and electronic device needs.
---Owner: Richard Jones---

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