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Hardwire and Software Computer Networking
  •  Mainframe and Hardwire Networking Installation
  •  We Install Cat5 Cable and other Connectors.
  •  Software Networking Setup and Configurations
  •  WAP, WPS, LAN, PAN, WLAN, CAN, MAN, WAN, SAN, VPN, and more...
  •  Wi-Fi Installation, Setups, and Configurations
  •  Networking Services for Business, Commercial, and Residential
  •  Networking Security Configurations with Software and Hardware
  •  We make Custom Cat5 Cables and Install Surveillance Networks


  Discerner Computers offers a wide variety of networking services. We can set up a network for your business, industrial company, or for your residence. We will estimate any size project. Routers, hubs, or mainframes. Whether it is a hardwire or software configuration, we can assist with your network needs.

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Networking Security

  Networks are a necessity in our lives. We use them in many areas of daily functions. Every time we use the internet to search, send a message on facebook, or access company documents from our device. Our world as we know it has evolved into one big network thanks to technology.
  Unfortunately, not everyone is out for our best interest and unauthorized network access is becoming a huge problem. Most vulnerabilities can be prevented by simply blocking access to other users than those you allow. Sometimes a software configuration can do the job, but there are scenarios where it takes more effort with hardware firewalls and custom wired mainframes.
  Here at Discerner Computers, we can assist you with all of your networking projects, give you a quality service, and save you a lot of money!
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