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Computer Software Installation Services
  •  Software Installation and Activation Services
  •  Registry Repairs and Software Removal
  •  Computer Software Upgrades and Updates
  •  Multiple Software Installs, Partitions, and Formats
  •  Microsoft Windows and Office Software
  •  Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Android, Chrome
  •  Graphics and Editing Software Installs
  •  Virus, OS, Business, Web, Tax, Model Softwares

Operating System Installs

  Let Discerner Computers® install your new Operating System or other Software. We can fdisk, partition, and format your computer for a fresh clean Operating System Install. Runs faster and more efficient. Activation.

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Computer Software Configurations

Computer Software

New Software Installs

  Have you ever bought a used computer? May not know who owned the system or tasks performed on it. A computer unit like this could have a virus. There could be personal informations and files you don't want.

  Let Discerner Computers® give you a free checkover when you bring your computer to our shop in downtown Morganton, NC. We can determine if your computer needs to be wiped clean and a fresh operating system installed or whether we can clean and configure the system like it is. It is worth the drive to get the free checkover.

  You can find some really good deals on used computers in today's market. A computer can be upgraded and cleaned and be better than some new systems. We can get your purchased used computer operating like new again and help you save hundreds!