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Custom Built Gaming Computer Systems
  •  Gaming Computer Systems Built in our Retail Location
  •  High Quality Performance Parts Installed or Replaced
  •  Different Types of Cooling Systems Installed and Upgraded
  •  Dual Processor Gaming Servers Custom Built
  •  Overclocking and Maximum Performance Configurations
  •  High Speed Hard Drive Setups and Raid
  •  Hardware Component Monitoring Software Installation
  •  Parts Ordering for most Manufacturor Brands

Computers for Gaming

  Here at Discerner Computers, we can build a new customized computer or gaming computer system for basic, intermediate, or diabolical updated game software. Come by our Morganton, NC location or call us today. An initial deposit may be required.

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New Gaming Computer


Lightning Fast Gaming

  In the gaming world, computer gaming system technology has advanced rapidly over the years. New computer parts with tremendously higher specifications are the necessity to produce an adequate gaming computer for the game experience of today.
  With new games requiring a heightened demand for resolution and quality, pc graphic cards costs have also became escalated. Most of the cost associated with building a custom gaming computer is in the parts and this depends on what quality and specifications you acquire.
  At Discerner Computers we will search for lower parts pricing, or use your selected parts, assemble your new gaming computer, and configure the finished product for maximum performance. We can save you money!